forgotten-objects_84x125 FORGOTTEN OBJECTS traces the life of Anna d’Amio, daughter of opera singers Louis and Francesca d’Amio, from Mussolini’s Italy to the city of Pittsburgh during the mid sixties. Read the reviews >>




AMERICAN TRIPTYCH –  Carlos Rubio presents a new tongue-in-cheek masterpiece that scales new heights of satire even as it follows the life of a young protagonist in his journey through growing up and into manhood. Read the reviews >>



orisha_125ORISHA – Arraigada en el folklore afrocubano tan bien captado por Fernando Ortiz, Lydia Cabrera y Alejo Carpentier, Orisha dibuja una elipse que magistralmente enlaza el ámbito primigenio de la isla con el contemporáneo. Read the reviews >>



secret_memories_125 SECRET MEMORIES, a stream of consciousness work, deals with the odd relationship of the two nameless characters (a man and a woman) in a deserted beach house. Read the reviews >>

RECUERDOS SECRETOS, la novela examina la extraña relación de los dos protagonistas sin nombre (un hombre y una mujer) en una casa de playa desierta.


bullwhip_125 BULLWHIP, second in a trilogy of satirical novels (The Neophyte / Bullwhip / California Fever), focuses on the protagonist’s senior year of high school. Since the moment of his abrupt and unexpected arrival, we realize that this brazen young man is out of control. Read the reviews >>



orpheus_blues_125 ORPHEUS’ BLUES is a novel of self-discovery. We first meet Jack Stewart on the way back to his apartment in New York City, where he is pursuing a career as a jazz musician. Read the reviews >>



dead_time-tiempo-muerto_125DEAD TIME / TIEMPO MUERTO – A novel about love and loneliness. In the opening chapter the main character realizes that on that day he would kill a man. After carrying out this seemingly wanton act of violence, we learn of his life, his love for his dead wife and the dehumanizing process of losing one’s freedom. Read the reviews >>



the_neophyte_125THE NEOPHYTE – First in a trilogy of satirical novels, The Neophyte traces the early years of the main character–known only as the Neophyte–from the moment he floats in a locked trunk onto the confines of the Convent of the Righteous Path. Read the reviews >>



quadrivium_125QUADRIVIUM – Una novela neobarroca que sumerge al lector en un vórtice espejeante y surrealista, donde la búsqueda de una meta idealizada con frecuencia se convierte en un espejismo. Las cuatro protagonistas, Li-Tzu, Candy Slice, Dhalia Meanor y Adela Carroza ansiosamente aguardan la llegada de Mr. Ioso, el griego que completará sus sueños. Read the reviews >>


SAGA – Un aparato de aire acondicionado descompuesto; cerveza tibia; bomberos dementes y una misteriosa carta. Estos son los puntos de partida de SAGA, una novela que arrastra al lector en una búsqueda obsesiva de una mujer. Read the reviews >>