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Forgotten Objects a Finalist in Reader’s Favorite Book Awards 2015

We want to let you know that Forgotten Objects, by the American author Carlos Rubio was a finalist in the Reader’s Favorite book awards for 2015. The category is Historical Fiction — Personage. Nearly 300 authors and guests attend the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Ceremony in Miami each year.

Authors are recognized on stage and presented with physical award medals, then mingle and enjoy a buffet dinner. Staff photographers take free photos of the authors on stage and in front of our awards backdrop. Media is often present taking pictures, video and interviewing authors.

Here is the book review by Kathryn Bennett for Readers’ Favorite:

2015-finalistForgotten Objects by Carlos Rubio introduces us to the life of Anna d’Amio who is the daughter of Louis and Francesca d’Amio, opera singers. The trail follows them from Mussolini’s Italy to the city of Pittsburgh during the roaring time of the mid-sixties. You will follow the story through three main sections of time and place; Italy, Cuba and the United States of America.

Anna has a pretty exciting life in search of fame and fortune, and while looking for that, she finds the love of a second husband and family.

This was an interesting and touching story put together in a way that I have not seen before. The format of the book, the way the story is told, and how the end of it finds us with letters and other objects – what a touching way to tell a story. Carlos Rubio has found a magical way to tell a story of love, life and what you do when everything goes pear shaped. I cannot imagine having to flee not one but two countries due to war and things like communism. The ebb and flow of this book is perfect and there was not a single moment wasted. I felt connected and in touch with Anna and her story throughout the entire book. If you are looking for a book that is emotional, touching and will bring you into the world of the characters, this is a good read. Sit down, open up and be ready to enjoy yourself for hours because you will not want to put this book down (Readers’ Favorite).

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