Review of Bullwhip


bullwhip_125 Reviewed by W. Flippen (Roanoke, VA) July 22, 2004

Bullwhip is the second book of a trilogy by author Rubio. I recommend you read the first, Neophyte, and then Bullwhip. This book continues to take many twists and turns as a young man gets his education from a number of real life sources. It is fast reading, sometimes shocking, and for many of us will bring back many thoughts of our youth and the crazy things that happened during that period. As with the Neophyte, Rubio uses an advanced vocabulary and words which are very descriptive at telling the story. It is an interesting book in that it can appeal to all ages from 16 and up. Since it has some racy parts, it is not for the very young. Grab it, read it and hold on!

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