Reviews of Secret Memories / Recuerdos Secretos

secret_memories_125 Much as Widerberg honors Mozart in his exquisite film production Elvira Madigan to Piano Concerto N. 21, Carlos  Rubio pays tribute to the great composer Ravel in his latest book Secret Memories. An aficionado of Jazz, Carlos Rubio orchestrates his craft straight from the soul with the sweet & tragic passion of a saxophone player who’s been there. The him/her jazz loving protagonists who share equal narrative voice in Secret Memories are equally captivated by the the ever present, liquid-smooth tone and building vibrato of Bolero. So are their every thought and action (and interaction) in tandem with the mounting crescendo of that great musical piece. Mr. Rubio is unquestionably a member of a very few of our contemporary novelists who can masterfully interpret musical scores note for note into rhetorical form, word for word, to arrive at a concerto in narrative. Bravo! Bravo!

Alan Hodgkinson
Author of After Incoming


In this wonderful piece, Rubio examines intimacy, alienation and the effects of the passage of time on relationships. Rubio is a master at creating a rich personal experience through the use of unique language. From the beginning, the reader feels pulled into the narrator’s world and observes, along with him, a delicate, beautiful and vulnerable universe as personal and intimate as a conversation between lovers.

Hope Maxell Snyder
Author of Orange Wine


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